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Anti Poison Ivy Soap
Anti Poison Ivy Soap
Anti Poison Ivy Soap
Anti Poison Ivy Soap


Anti Poison Ivy Soap

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Has current research found truth within this time tested folk remedy?  Jewelweed has been an itch relieving staple for generations throughout the Appalachians. 


Our Farmers Market favorite, “Anti-Poison Ivy” soap, combines a steam distilled tea of locally foraged jewelweed flowers and leaves with bentonite, burdock, oatmeal and peppermint, within a powerful all natural coconut oil soap.

This is a strong oil dissolving soap, made to naturally wash your skin clear of dirt and urushiol oil from plants such as poison ivy, oak, and sumac; hopefully before they can lead to contact dermatitis and a painfully itchy rash.  

Exposure times, skin types, conditions and results will vary.  For best results, shower thoroughly after any known or suspected exposure with this soap and cold water.  If used thoroughly, you will feel "squeaky clean" and know that oils have been thoroughly washed away.

This product is soap and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product makes no medical claims and should not be used in lieu of professional medical advice or treatment.

Contains: Saponified oil of coconut;  jewelweed, colloidal oatmeal, bentonite clay, barleygrass powder, burdock root powder, essential oils of peppermint and spearmint. 3.5oz

"Regent Park Naturals' "Anti Poison Ivy" soap provides the peace of mind needed to relax and enjoy the outdoors " -Josh P. Local Hiker

"My kids are glad to see me gardening again!, I am getting everyone I know this practical gift." -Tom L. Retiree

"As a landscaping Professional who also enjoys taking my dog on insanely long walks throughout the forested uplands of Appalachia, I keep several bars on hand." -Petra P. Groundskeeper

"Great for camping and picking berries!" -Kaitlin V. Frisbee Enthusiast 

At Regent Park Naturals we are committed to a quality of soapmaking un-achievable through mass production techniques. This includes, no synthetic fragrances,  no artificial lathering or conditioning agents, no preservatives.