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This is Pierogi on a Rope from Regent Park Naturals. Within this handmade soap, oatmeal, essential oils, and tradition have been combined into a luxurious Old World experience.  The perfect gift for friend, family or self!  A beloved part of Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian heritage; appreciated and enjoyed by all.

 Each "Pierogi on a Rope" is approx 2.5oz of a coconut oil based soap formed around an 8 inch rope with all natural scents described below.  Perfect for hanging in a convenient shower location or prominent display!

"Not Just a Tchotchke"...  

 Our immigrant ancestors brought hard labor to the mills and high culture to the streets of of America. Inspired by their works, we've immortalized their memory within our handmade soaps and design. As with all of our unique products, each soap is handmade from the ingredients and recipes that our customers enjoy at Local Farmers’ markets.

BLACK and GOLD  The "Hometown Original".  This Pierogi celebrates the rich sports heritage of Pittsburgh's three rivers. With eucalyptus and basil

BABCIA'S ORIGINAL An Icy Homage to Polska and all things Polski. Wash your hands before your Babcia serves up a delicious meal: give a gift this season to begin a new family tradition.