Indulge in the essence of Poland with our handcrafted Polish soap, reminiscent of the beloved pierogi. This exquisite soap creation combines the artistry of traditional soapmaking with the rich cultural heritage of Poland.
Pierogi Soap On A Rope
Pierogi Novelty Soap Bars Three
Pierogi Handmade Novelty Soap Label with ingredients.  Immerse yourself in a sensory journey that celebrates Poland's charm and craftsmanship. Discover this unique and delightful creation at Regent Park Naturals, where Polish tradition meets the world of soapmaking
Polish Pierogi Novelty Soap On A Rope

Pierogi Soap on a Rope Babcia's Original

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Celebrate your Polish heritage with this unique tradition! The perfect gift for family and friends.

This Pierogi Soap on a Rope is handmade soap from Regent Park Naturals. Within this recipe, oatmeal, essential oils, and tradition have been combined into a luxurious Old World experience. The polish pierogi is a beloved part of Polish and Polish American heritage; appreciated and enjoyed by all. Now in novelty soap on a rope form.

Each Pierogi Soap on a Rope" is approx 2.5oz of a coconut oil based soap formed around an 8 inch rope with all natural scents. Perfect for hanging in a convenient shower location or prominent display!

BABCIA'S ORIGINAL: An homage to Poland and the grandmothers who served us so many delicious meals: give this and begin a new family tradition in her memory!

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