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Our First Soaps

“Generation 1” began in our small apartment kitchen in Swissvale PA… it was a cost reducing attempt to emulate what was then Andre’s Favorite soap in the world, Dr. Bronner’s "Peppermint Castile."

Andre had made candles for years and many of the necessary equipment and ingredients were “under the sink” ready to be put to a new and exciting use.

At first, trial and error created many “interesting” soaps and after a few false starts, these experiences yielded the knowledge and creativity that  shapes the unique soaps we create today.  The real success was achieved by coupling the all natural soaps with Andre’s experience at foraging wildflowers and other botanicals from local forests.  Which creates the treasures that are sold and enjoyed today.

“1641 Castile” first sold at the Swissvale library craft show in 2013, and various improvements, including higher quality locally sourced ingredients, creates the same moisturizing creaminess loved by our friends and families today.

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