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Wedding Favors almost complete

wedding favorsHundreds of wedding guests are going to be looking forward to their own honeymoon showers next weekend. For attending the Dziemiela-McKnight affair, folks will be receiving a sweet orange soap bar favor; characteristic of the evening's rustic opulence.

It will be complete with oatmeal, coconut oil, shea butter and a generous portion of moisturizing honey.

Each bar lovingly hand crafted according to the bride's design as a rewarding gift to the friends and family of the handsome couple.



Are you or someone you know planning on being be wed, showered, birthday-ed, or likewise celebrated in some fashion in the near future? Are you (they) in need of a personal and affordable token of deep appreciation?

Contact andre@regentparknaturals for options and pricing.

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  • Lauren Clark

    This is such a unique wedding favor! I would love to get one of these as a lil thank you! It’s a useful gift too, the best kind :)
    I can smell orange through my monitor…how’d you do that?!

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