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Archaeologist Friend has arrived!

jewelweed      My goal was to create a soap powerful enough to neutralize and remove the urishiol oils of the poison ivy that we practically swim in every day at work.

       Wanting to include as many local ingredients as possible was no problem, because jewelweed, the   supposed cure for poison, grows abundantly along our local drainages, it is easily identified and it remains  freshly in season all summer long.   The harvest was a success and it was not long before I both juiced the leaves and boiled them down into an amazing tea.



       I learned a lot during the process and I was especially surprised by how fibrous the stems actually were, having jammed up my juicer multiple times as I zealously crammed as much emerald colored goodness in at a time as I could, impatiently awaiting the reward.

      It was worth taking it slow; combined with oatmeal and coconut oil, the final product leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean, assuring the bather that all oils have been washed away, plus it has a great tea-tree and lavender scent!

     Archaeologist's Friend was a big seller at last weekend's market, the summer seems to have finally caught up with local gardeners as well. It is in high demand here at our internet store, so get yours before the supply is gone and you are forced to pay twice a much for a non-local knockoff.



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  • Jessica

    A friend of mine here in WV makes a poison ivy spray using jewel weed and witch hazel. Not only does it work great for poison, but it also helps with insect bites and acne! I am thinking this soap will be an even better way to battle these issues!

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